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DC Access Expands Wi-Fi Coverage to South East D.C.

By October 10, 2005May 17th, 2017Press Releases, WiFi

Wireless internet available for residents and small businesses; Can be installed in 3-7 business days.

Washington, DC – DC Access, Washington’s first and only wireless Internet service provider (WISP), today announced the expansion of its wireless Internet coverage to more areas of South East D.C. In cooperation with the Capitol Hill United Methodist Church, DC Access has installed a new Point-of-Presence (PoP), located near Pennsylvania Ave and 5th Street SE. DC Access now has the ability to reach residents and small businesses in the most southeast corner of Capitol Hill.

In July 2003, DC Access became the first ISP in Washington to offer wireless Internet directly to residential and small business customers. Today, DC Access works with more than 10 Multi-Tenant units and over 300 customers. DC Access uses high-powered antennas to broadcast wireless Internet connections, eliminating the “last mile” connection problems associated with landline services and the need to order a physical connection from a large telecommunications provider. DC Access partners with local property management companies and owners of residential and commercial multi-tenant units to secure strategic rooftop access for its antennas.

“Our new POP enables us to reach customers on the south side of Pennsylvania Avenue that had little or no signal before. We appreciate the help of the Capitol Hill United Methodist church for giving us the ability to expand our service,” said Matt Wade, president of DC Access. “DC Access is a local company with strong ties to the community. We want to give back to the neighborhood, so we’re exploring ways in which we can help local nonprofits get the Internet. Internet access should be available to everyone.”

For businesses and residential customers, DC Access’ wireless Internet service plans range from 200kbps up through 1.5Mbps, with packages starting as low as $29 a month.

About DC Access, LLC

Founded in 1999, DC Access is Washington’s DC first and only wireless Internet service provider (WISP). The company also offers dial-up access and web hosting. DC Access’ customers receive the benefits of high-speed broadband without having to order DSL or cable from a large provider. DC Access has earned a reputation for offering reliable, affordable and personal service to its customers. DC Access has been profitable from the first day of operation. The DC Access strategy has always been consistent and steady growth. DC Access is privately held and headquartered on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC.