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What is
Wireless Internet?


DC Access wireless internet uses wireless broadband technology to bring high-speed internet into your home or business.

No phone lines and no cable tv lines needed.

No long-term contracts, no waiting on hold with the big guys, no sitting around the house waiting for an installer for hours on end.

Fast, reliable wireless internet access from a local company.

Graphic showing the comparison between DC Access, Xfinity and Fios

“Probably the best experience we’ve ever had with a company. They provide an excellent community service, and are just great people. Martha, Matt, and Tony, our hats are off to you. If only every business could be run with your ethical standards, competence, and warmth.”

Robert L. – Washington, DC

Is DC Access Right for You?

Our wireless internet is a good fit for almost anyone who uses the internet in our service areas and our different data plans accommodate varied speed needs.

Do you have multiple devices in your home?

Do you run a small business?

Do you live in a DC Access-wired apartment building?  

DC Access could be great for you. Plus, switching to DC Access from a larger internet provider can save you money!

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Is my data secure?

DC Access wireless internet is just as secure as wired connections.

In addition, we use standard wireless encryption on all of our radio links to further protect our customers. For any computer connected to the internet, whether wired or wireless, we recommend that a firewall be used. The wireless router that we provide acts as the firewall for our service.

DC Access never has and never will sell our customers’ personal information or browsing habits, regardless of what is allowable by Congress.

Can you really provide the same reliability as the big national companies?

Yes! Better, actually. Our wireless internet network has been designed to provide reliable wireless data connections to the areas we service.

By design, weather conditions do NOT affect our wireless internet data network. And if for any reason we can’t be 100% confident in our ability to deliver the reliability we promise, we won’t let you subscribe.

We’re building out our wireless internet network every day and continuing to improve on the already-exceptional reliability our customers enjoy.

“I can’t say enough great things about this company! From day #1 they have been extremely responsive, courteous, and helpful. The phone has never rang more than twice before I got an ‘actual person’ on the line to speak to. In addition, the technicians are always EXACTLY on time (no more 8am-5pm windows offered by Comcast) and they are very helpful as well. I had no problems with service itself either, steady connection and tested speeds as advertised.”

Dan S. – Washington, DC

“DC Access is a wonderful local company with truly unbeatable customer service. I have had two connectivity issues during my two years with DC Access but both were promptly dealt with by a home visit from a technician. I have communicated with Martha and her team mostly through email but also over the phone. Everyone I have ever worked with is friendly and helpful. If you’re in the range of DC Access and don’t want/need cable, seriously consider switching over!”

Ginny D. – Washington, DC

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