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Wireless Internet

DC Access – Hassle-free internet

for residents and small businesses

Avoid the headaches and problems of dealing with national cable companies and satellite providers, feel good about supporting a local business, access fast, reliable wireless internet service, and enjoy friendly, responsive customer service.

wireless internet - DC Access





as of March 1, 2024

Installation Fee: $99

*Internet Routable IP Address is only available in some areas.

DCA 25

$ 49.99

Per Month
Service Speed

25M (5M)

DCA 50

$ 69.99

Per Month
Service Speed

50M (10M)

DCA 100

$ 89.99

Per Month
Service Speed

100M (20M)

DCA 200

$ 109.99

Per Month
Service Speed

200M (50M)


No hidden fees.

At DC Access, we pride ourselves on being the clear and easy local wireless internet service provider. Transparency is the cornerstone of our business. There are no hidden fees or required product bundles. We don’t make you sign up for unnecessary services or TV channels to access our wireless internet service. If all you want is wireless internet service, all you pay for is wireless internet service. No strings attached.

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We live and work here, too! DC Access is a small, local company that’s less expensive and more reliable than the big national companies. #shopsmall

Respect for History

Located in an historic building? We have years of experience working in historic properties. We understand the challenges and preserve the integrity of the building.

Customer WiFi

When you’re wired for DC Access, your customers can enjoy WiFi, too. Getting service from a business internet provider means that waiting rooms and seating areas can be WiFi enabled on a separate network from your primary business one.

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Customer Service You Can Count On

Our customer service is as strong as our network. If you have an issue, call us. A real, live person will pick up the phone to help. Email us and you will receive a personal response to address your specific concern.

With DC Access, your calls are never be routed through faraway unhelpful call centers. We care about our customers and value your time.

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