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Smart Homes

DC Access is Hassle-Free Digital Living.

At DC Access, we pride ourselves on providing better customer service than the big guys.
There’s no sitting around the house waiting for an installer for hours on end or enduring automated phone support.

We are here and ready to help.

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Smart Homes

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Smart Home Consultation

Renovating? Reach out for a smart home consultation.
For a flat fee of $80, you receive a guaranteed estimate
for installation plus the cost of materials.


DC Access makes smart homes easy.
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Pre- or Early-Construction:
Initial Consultation

DC Access visits your home and reviews electrical plans. We discuss the rooms you’ll have, how you live and get online. Then, we make recommendations for cabling and router locations specific to your home and lifestyle.

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DC Access runs cables for Internet, TV and phone. It is ideal to do this before drywall is hung so cables can be easily hidden in the walls. After walls are closed, cabling becomes more costly and unattractive.

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Face Plate Installation

Once your renovation is complete and walls are painted, DC Access returns to install face plates, including crimping all indoor cables and testing connection points.

Why Worry About Wiring?

I thought everything was going wireless!

On Capitol Hill and any densely-populated area, wireless interference is a real issue. Things like television and video streaming require consistent bandwidth that is far better served by wired connections. And some homes require multiple routers to achieve a consistent, reliable signal. We make sure that your home has wires and connection points where you need them.

Don’t my contractor and electrician handle this?

Maybe. But often times contractors are focused on the big picture and electricians have eyes on outlets and fuse boxes. We work alongside your contractors to ensure your connectivity and technology needs are considered from the outset and they’re factoring in all the right cabling and face plates.

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