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Wireless Internet


Getting Started

In order to get you started with our service, the first step is a free consultation, called a site survey, with one of our technicians. During this brief visit, our technician will ensure that we can provide you with our promised speeds.

Throughout the site survey, our techs will make sure we have line of sight to our tower from your home to ensure quality service.

photo of Small Businesses on a city street
photo of Small Businesses on a city street

Installation Process

During the installation process, DC Access does not drill or puncture the roof of your home. We use vent straps (metal bands) that wrap around the chimney or vent pipe. Metal brackets are then used to attach the antenna to the vent pipe.

An outdoor Ethernet cable is then run down the back of the building and fed into the building via an existing hole or a new hole in the mortar of the brick. Any holes in the mortar are no larger than a pencil width and will be sealed. The cable is connected directly to a wireless router that DC Access provides.

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