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Free TVDC unleashes the power of free digital broadcast television

By May 12, 2010May 17th, 2017Press Releases

New service from DC Access provides rooftop antenna installation and setup for HDTV.

Washington, DC – The technicians at DC Access are experts in installing rooftop antennas and equipment to provide Wireless Internet (WiFi) to their customers. Now they are using that expertise to offer a new service, Free TV DC, that gives residents on Capitol Hill access to over-the-air digital television.

Free TV DC gives households that are paying for basic cable the option to save money over the long run by switching from cable to free digital broadcast TV.

“Residents who have basic cable are paying about $220 a year for fewer channels than they could get with free broadcast TV,” says Martha Huizenga, partner at DC Access. “For a one-time fee, Free TV DC gives these consumers more channels, great picture quality, and no more cable bill.”

Free TV DC is also a good option for people who are relying on set-top antennas to receive broadcast TV, since the installation of a rooftop antenna can maximize the number of channels that can be received. It may also appeal to those who are paying for more expensive cable packages and who want to reduce their household expenses by switching from cable to broadcast TV.

Free TV DC installs an HDTV antenna on the roof, and the antenna is connected by coaxial cable directly to the customer’s TV, or to a “port” outside the home that was used for cable TV. Customers who have an analog TV also require an analog-to-digital converter box.

“A lot of people are stuck paying for cable because they don’t have a digital rooftop antenna or a converter box,” says Matt Wade, partner at DC Access. “We launched Free TV DC because we had several of our WiFi customers ask for our help with broadcast TV and realized this was a natural complement to our existing business.”

Fees for installation vary, but for many customers, the total cost is around $350. This includes $199 for installation, $99 for the HDTV antenna and hardware, and $49 for a digital converter box. Additional fees may apply if the installation includes adding or moving TV locations, additional converter boxes, or removing and disposing of an existing analog antenna.

About DC Access, LLC

Founded in 1999, DC Access is Washington’s DC first and only wireless Internet service provider (WISP). The company also offers dial-up access and web hosting. DC Access has earned a reputation for offering reliable, affordable and personal service to its customers. Privately held, DC Access is headquartered on Capitol Hill.