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DC Access partners with Evolve Property Management, LLC to offer WiFi at Audubon and Lavenia apartment communities

By July 24, 2009May 17th, 2017Press Releases, WiFi

Local Internet provider now serving more than 15 multi-tenant properties in DC.

Washington, DC – In cooperation with Evolve Property Management, LLC, DC Access is now providing Wireless Internet to the Audubon, a 20-unit apartment building at 13 th and North Carolina NE, and the Lavenia, a 10-unit building at 6 th and F Street NE.

In 2003, DC Access entered into an agreement with Evolve to provide WiFi at a number of multi-tenant buildings, starting with the Barbara. Other Evolve properties served by DC Access include the Pierce School Lofts, Pierce School Annex, and the Marday.

“Partnering with Evolve has allowed us to reach many new subscribers on Capitol Hill,” says Martha Huizenga, partner at DC Access. “Our services are a great fit for multi-tenant buildings, and we’re excited to be working with Evolve to provide local, affordable WiFi to their residents.”

WiFi offers a reliable, always-on broadband connection. “For most tenants, having access to high-speed Internet is no longer viewed as an amenity, but as a requirement,” says Matt Wade, president at DC Access. “Six years ago, Evolve recognized the need for high-speed Internet – and the unique advantages of WiFi as compared to DSL or cable.”

One of those advantages is that WiFi is a perfect choice for historic buildings like those owned and managed by Evolve.

“It’s not historically accurate to have cables running down the hallways or on the building’s exterior,” explains Christopher Swanson, co-owner of Evolve. “With WiFi from DC Access, access points and any necessary wires are nearly invisible, and they place the roof antennas in back and out of sight in order to maintain each building’s historic integrity and curb appeal.”

Through similar partnerships with several other local real estate companies, including Yarmouth Management and Urban Investment Partners, DC Access currently provides WiFi to more than 15 multi-tenant properties in DC.

About DC Access, LLC

2009 marks the 10th anniversary of DC Access, which is owned and operated by the husband-and- wife team of Matt Wade and Martha Huizenga. DC Access, which is privately held and headquartered on Capitol Hill, is DC’s first and only Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP). DC Access also provides nationwide web hosting and nationwide dial-up.

About Evolve Property Management, LLC 

Evolve is a leading property development and property management company in Washington, DC. The company purchases vacant, mismanaged, and underutilized properties for the purpose of restoration and adaptive re-use and then offers superior residential and commercial leasing opportunities for its customers. Evolve also provides several management options to help other property owners manage investment properties.