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Wi-Fi has become a part of everyone’s daily lives. There’s more to Wi-Fi than typing in the password to connect your devices. For example, you need to know how much speed you need to watch your favorite show on Hulu and Netflix or how many devices you can use on the same network at the same time. Find out the right connection speeds you need to comfortably surf the web or stream.

As shown on DC Access’s service plans, 5Mbps is great for basic internet usage. You can browse the web, send/receive emails and stream audio without any complications.

Netflix states on their website that a connection speed of 5Mbps is “recommended for HD Quality streaming”. Although 5Mbps can withhold a strong connection for one device and one user, if you’re planning on connecting several devices to be used at one time by multiple users, it will require at least 10Mbps or else you may experience buffering.

Hulu is another great example. Hulu requires 3.0 Mbps to stream from their Hulu library, 8.0 Mbps for live streaming, and 16.0 Mbps for 4K content. All streaming apps are different and provide different quality viewing experiences based on how their streaming app is configured and their speed requirements. In some streaming apps, viewers can set their video quality settings to auto to guarantee the best video quality available based on their connection speed.

If 1-2 users are planning on video streaming in the home, a service speed of 10 Mbps is highly suggested for no connection interruptions in the middle of your favorite movie. It is also recommended to plug your TV or streaming device directly to the router via an ethernet cable or home plug device for a consistent, strong, connection.

Have no idea what your connection speed is? Run a speed test today. Most streaming services provide connection speed tests on their website to ensure that your speeds meet their internet speed recommendations or you can run one at