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There are so many streaming apps, but what about streaming devices? Picking the right streaming device can be important if you’re cutting the cord. Take a look at some popular streaming devices!

If you do not have a SmartTV, you might want to invest in one. It is the best shortcut to stream your favorite shows and movies. SmartTV’s usually have many streaming apps already downloaded so you won’t have to purchase different devices. It is convenient and easy to navigate.

Roku Ultra streaming player is a great option if you’re looking for more streaming app offers, more customization, and an easier search. This streaming device provides a strong quad-core processor and fast channel launch. You will also find with the Roku Ultra, an enhanced voice remote with personal shortcut buttons and TV controls. This device features a “Lost remote finder”. When you misplace your Roku remote under you couch cushion, all you have to do is press the button on your player and your remote will make a sound so you can quickly find it.

Have an Apple device? Just like other streaming devices, with Apple TV you can enjoy movies, TV shows, and live sports. You can view content from other apps like Hulu, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, on any of your Apple devices, SmartTV and Airplay-enabled TVs.

To have a consistent, strong, connection, DC Access recommends streaming devices and SmartTVs that plug directly into your internet router or a home plug or powerline adapter. Choosing devices that have an Ethernet port for wired streaming will assist on eliminating interference that can be common in DC’s densely populated neighborhoods.

With so many options available, cutting the cord has never been easier!