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Meet Brittany!

By April 3, 2018Internet

Meet Brittany, our Customer Service Specialist!

I was born and raised in Washington DC and am currently attending the University of the District of Columbia pursuing my B.S. in Psychology. I’m very passionate about event planning – I’m actually in the process of starting my own event planning business. I love to explore new restaurants in the DC metro area, traveling and cooking.

I would describe myself as focused, sociable, and witty.  My favorite off-the-beaten-path Capitol Hill places are Hanks Oyster Bar, Mr. Henry’s, A-List Spa and District Doughnuts.

My days in the office are really varied – depending on the day it could be smooth sailing or it can be really busy. I spend most of my time assisting customers and trying to get their problems solved. Overall our customers are really great, and working with them is a real joy.  My job is really easy because of how patient and understanding our customers are.