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Celebrate National Day of Unplugging

By March 3, 2017May 22nd, 2017Internet, WiFi

At DC Access we spend most of our time getting our customers connected quickly and hassle-free.  But even we know it’s important to unplug every once and awhile and appreciate the real world around us.  We are happy to celebrate the National Day of Unplugging March 4 and we encourage our employees and customers to do the same.  We promise – DC Access internet service will be ready and waiting for you when you plug back in!

Now that your screens are powered down and put away, here are some suggestions for how you can spend your newly found free time.

Take a Walk! Head out on foot to explore our scenic neighborhood, and venture down a new street or past your usual stops.  Perhaps try a new restaurant or #shopsmall at a local boutique. Or you can take a more organized approach and join up with one of the many free walking tours of DC.

Play Tourist!  Head into one of DC’s stunning museums. Try to snag timed entry tickets for the Infinity Mirrors exhibit at the Hirshorn.  Walk down the National Mall and appreciate the beauty and grandeur of the monuments.

Volunteer! The Capitol Hill Community Foundation maintains a helpful and updated list of volunteer opportunities around the Hill. Or consider one of these options. DC Central Kitchen is always looking for participants in assist in Community Meal Preparation.  Capitol Hill Group Ministry is looking for helpers for its Saturday Street Outreach program.

Go For a Bike Ride! Start the day off on your two wheels or borrow from Capital Bikeshare.  Ride around the city or head out of town on one of the many trails nearby.  Bike Washington has great options for everything from newbies to experienced riders.

Learn Something New!  Take advantage of your free time to learn a new skill.  Capitol Hill Arts Workshop offers classes in everything from Photography to Memoir Writing to Jazzercize.