Meet Daniel!

By DC AccessApril 13, 2018Internet

Meet Dan – our Account Manager!

Dan likes to start his day with a cup of strong coffee, and then follow that up quickly with a second cup of coffee! Primed and ready for his day, Dan works on projects, marketing strategies, business development, and customer outreach. Throughout the day, you’ll find Dan answering the phones and responding to support emails from customers. He also regularly collaborates with the tech team to ensure that we are all working to provide the best customer service possible. Dan works on developing and implementing strategies for marketing and business development so that we can show more of our neighbors that there are better options for internet out there than the big guys!

Dan was born and raised in Washington DC until he was 11. Then his family decided to make a big move out to southern California, in the Coachella Valley. He loved California for the weather, music, and relaxed culture. Before college, he lived in the midlands of England for two years doing volunteer work. Dan received a B.A. in Linguistics from Brigham Young University. His biggest passions are movies, sports, and history.

Dan is a big fan of two Capitol Hill establishments – check out Harold Black’s and Atlas Arcade.